Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Perfect Inspiration For A Master Bedroom

I'm doing a three story townhouse and the client wanted her master bedroom to be clean and white just like this photo she found 

I wanted to tweak this and make everything look modern yet functional so I  came up with this 3d perspective 

I wanted to do away with traditional cornice and moldings, use a more modern cove ceiling and decided to continue with a blue and white theme. 

I was inspired with the interiors of the presidential suite of the Fairmont Hotel in Makati as I Attended the launch of Dove Hair Fall Treatment last Wednesday. The interiors conveyed what I had in mind for this master bedroom.  Here are some stolen shots from the venue

Hoping my clients like the finished outcome.  

My Attempt to Blog Again

I haven't written anything in this blog for a looong time.  Having two kids at less than two years apart can deprive a mom of "me time" like reading a book or blogging.  Today I realized I might succeed at this since I like posting photos on Facebook anyways.  

My babies were just hospitalized due to a chronic cough caused by allergies. Sadly i passed this on to them. A construction site at the lot next to our condo must be contributing to their poor health. Today I need to visit a job site and I come prepared with a dust mask 

I also wore my "construction shoes" a pair that was given to me when I was part of the design team of Extreme Makeover Home Edition Philippines.  

I hardly ever wear these shoes because I don't know what to pair them with. My hubby said I should wear them with a mini skirt. Today I just threw in cargo shorts and a white shirt. 

My construction site of a three story townhouse  was no where near done but it was taking shape.  For those of you curious to know what it looks like here is a photo 

Anyway I brought my three year old with me and he is nearly bored.  Time to stop blogging and give him my undivided attention. 

Until next time...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Featured on BC Magazine

I love being featured as a family.  There is just something about having your pictures taken and you thoughts at that present time preservedWhen BC magazine told us that we would be on the cover, I immediately cleared my schedule and asked my busy husband to make time too.  I love Santiago's photos.  Because babies are typically hard to capture they captured candid shots of him, making it all the more priceless. 

Another Article.. Enjoy Reading

Looking for interesting products or places to feature for homedesignnews can be challenging, but I get a rush when I discover a new piece of architecture or place to write about.  There are so many amazing spots around the world, so many talented architects and designers.  Here is a link to another article I wrote..

Been Busy

I haven't been blogging for the longest time.  Been busy with design projects and my 18 month old active toddler.  Part of my New Year's resolution is to begin blogging again.  Started the year by writing articles for  Here are links to some of my articles


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Favorite Vacation House

My Favorite Vacation House

After weeks of long days filled with work, I look forward to a weekend out of town.  Our friend has a fabulous beach house, a proof of his creativity and inate decorating skills.  Every nook and cranny in this house is well thought of, depicting balance and scale.  He admits to having a passion for collecting décor and items for the home. Although he isn’t a designer by profession, friends and relatives have begged him to transform their homes to get a taste of his magic.

Purchased throughout the years, every piece of décor must have a story to tell.  From ostrich eggs, solid wood cart wheels, and modern abstract painting from Ivan Acuna, this home always leaves me looking forward to the next trip.  Solid narra floors and beams line the stairway, while mixed and matched furniture of various design styles settle around the living room. 
What amazes me as a designer is the way he thought of colors to use as accent.  These are colors  I must admit I would never think of using in a beach house, yet the pink, yellow and green worked perfectly well. 

The way he arranges accessories around his center tables was also something worth commending.  We can learn from his compositions by following these tips:

-          -Don’t be afraid to fill the whole table with items, just pay attention to scale and balance.
-         - Use various elevations and add interest with varrying heights.  Use a pile of books, wooden boxes, décor in different sizes.
-         - Pick décor that make a statement. Go for big pieces as opposed to knick knacks.  If you like collecting small items, make sure they have a story to tell.  Purpose is a valuable characteristic of good design.