Monday, January 17, 2011

My Baby's Room

I always knew I would be a great mom.  When we learned we were having a boy, I was ecstatic!  Some mothers look forward to candy pink, ribbons, and flowers, but I wanted balls and baseball caps.  Being an interior decorator, his bedroom was in my dreams.  I wanted it to be educational, in lively baby colors.  I decided to go with wall stickers.  They are easy to apply, and easy to remove.  I can change them with no mess and hassle when my son outgrows them.  

I've done a room with murals (pink bedroom below), yes they have a somewhat whimsical feel to it, but in this day and age, practical design seems more appealing. 

 In the end, this is what my baby's room looks like.  Now at six months (they grow too fast) he knows to look at the right sticker when I say "where's the monkey?" or "where's the elephant?"  Still working on the other animals, but hey, he's only 6 months right?


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  1. Those walls are soo cute! I LOVE how it's not "overly" done. Just perfect :)

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    Mary Jo - Saving Green Mom