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My Favorite Vacation House

My Favorite Vacation House

After weeks of long days filled with work, I look forward to a weekend out of town.  Our friend has a fabulous beach house, a proof of his creativity and inate decorating skills.  Every nook and cranny in this house is well thought of, depicting balance and scale.  He admits to having a passion for collecting décor and items for the home. Although he isn’t a designer by profession, friends and relatives have begged him to transform their homes to get a taste of his magic.

Purchased throughout the years, every piece of décor must have a story to tell.  From ostrich eggs, solid wood cart wheels, and modern abstract painting from Ivan Acuna, this home always leaves me looking forward to the next trip.  Solid narra floors and beams line the stairway, while mixed and matched furniture of various design styles settle around the living room. 
What amazes me as a designer is the way he thought of colors to use as accent.  These are colors  I must admit I would never think of using in a beach house, yet the pink, yellow and green worked perfectly well. 

The way he arranges accessories around his center tables was also something worth commending.  We can learn from his compositions by following these tips:

-          -Don’t be afraid to fill the whole table with items, just pay attention to scale and balance.
-         - Use various elevations and add interest with varrying heights.  Use a pile of books, wooden boxes, décor in different sizes.
-         - Pick décor that make a statement. Go for big pieces as opposed to knick knacks.  If you like collecting small items, make sure they have a story to tell.  Purpose is a valuable characteristic of good design.