Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Someone asked about chalk boards, I have a better idea.

Leslie asked about chalk boards in kids rooms.  Yes we've heard horror stories of kids drawing on walls.  We don't want to spend precious time scrubbing them off, so having a wall that they can actually write on is a great idea.  Chalkboard paint can be bought at specialized paint stores, fastening an actual chalk board is an easier option, but chalk can be harmful for children. 

Classrooms are computerized because chalk has been found harmful when inhaled, and touched.  I've tried using acrylic sheets and water-based erasable markers. Water based markers don't emit bad fumes.

 That shiny bottom half of the wall is acrylic which your child can draw on with washable whiteboard markers.

 Here is the other half of the room, and yes that's me.

Real white or colored glass can also be used, it can be heavy and you might need professional help to attach it. 

Which ever method or material you decide on, I'm sure your kids will have lots of fun drawing.  Creativity is something every kid should be able to express and discover.  Have fun moms!


  1. Hey Marilen! This is a brilliant idea! I want to have a wall like this for Zane!-Cresta

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  5. I LOVE THE ALTERNATE IDEA.. The planets in the room, and btw, you are beautiful!!! Thanks for answering my question.. so glad I didn't buy the chalkboard paint!

    My next question.. did you paint the planets? Will you do a "tutorial" on the room that you are sitting in? I would love to do that as my kids' room and a project for mommy. I CAN DO IT.. well, I will just keep telling myself that! Lilli is really into telescopes, stars, the sun and the moon right now. So, I think that will be PERFECT! Thanks again!!!!

  6. PS you should be a guest blogger here - you are fabulous!