Sunday, February 6, 2011

I have a new addiction… Polyvore.  It is an online site that allows you to create and design anything from fashion to interiors.  Check out and try your luck as a designer.  Polyvore allows you to create a mood board or actual room using items that can really be purchased in online stores.  Too bad these aren’t available in our country, but just playing around with different colors, furniture, and accessories will get you hooked. 
I created three mood boards or designs that I hope you all will enjoy.  You’ll never know if you’ve got that hidden talent unless you try! 

Blue as Bianca is a combination of contemporary and playful design.  This will probably work for a condo unit.

Moroccan Whimsical denotes soft, feminine details.  This will be perfect for a girl’s bedroom.

Romantic Lemon is a combination of Mediterranean and old world design.  One can use this for a house with Mediterranean, Filipino or Moroccan themes.

Here are other Polyvore  entries by other users.  I haven’t really studied the whole thing thoroughly but I think you can use your own jpeg pictures of blank rooms and fill it up.

The nice thing about decorating is that there are no rules.  I’ve learned by browsing magazines, and studying design books.  Although innate taste is an advantage, decorating can be acquired and developed.  There are so many items to choose from in Polyvore, I simply type words like “furniture” or “lamps” in the search bar and a whole galaxy of items come out.   I hope you all get inspired to create your own design and try your hand in decorating.  As for me.. I’ve got another Polyvore project to finish.

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